The Creative Movement Company offers the following services:

The Creative Movement Company is based in the Tampa Bay area, but available for services worldwide. We are able to work with all ages and abilities as well as working with individuals, couples, small groups, or large groups.

Teaching & Choreography:
Leads classes in a variety of dance styles. Creates concepts, or collaborates on conceptual ideas for routines, choreographs, and teaches to individuals, couples, or groups.

Facilitates workshops serving all types of clientele. Designs workshops catering to groups’ goals and specific needs.

Arts Event Planning:
Handle artistic event planning as it relates to dance and the arts from the conceptual stage through to the day of the event.

Please visit this link to see the benefits our classes and workshops provide to participants.

We serve a wide variety of clients. Check out the list of populations we work with.

Additional Ways We Can Assist You:
Special events
Corporate events
Stage Coaching
Wedding Dances

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